Dame Helen Mirren has revealed she would love nothing more than a starring role as a ruthless warrior in Game Of Thrones.

The bloodthirsty fantasy drama that isn’t shy of killing off its stars has had roles for Sean Bean, Charles Dance and Diana Rigg, and Dame Helen has said she would like to add her name to the cast list.

Speaking to Mail On Sunday’s Event magazine, she said that her dream role would be as a merciless battler in the programme, adding: “Very cold and cruel… I’d love that.”

Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren (Greg Allen/Invision)


Helen also gave her opinion on what she thought her long-running Prime Suspect character Jane Tennison would be doing now that she had retired as an inspector.

She claimed: “She’s a lesbian, living with a very attractive partner. She gave up the drinking the moment she left the office and never went back to it. She does yoga.

“I would imagine she is still working, either advising or lecturing. I don’t think she can stop – she’s too driven.”