Dame Vivienne wants to write Sex in the City 2

Dame Vivienne Westwood apparently wants to write the Sex and the City movie sequel.

Sarah Jessica Parker and the other stars and producers of the film have confirmed there will be a follow-up to the big screen adaptation of the hit US show and the British designer is keen to be involved.

Dame Vivienne recently said she had the perfect idea for the sequel plot and, according to The Independent, she has been in contact with production staff, trying to pitch her storyline.

A source said: “She’s been obsessed with the film ever since she saw it. One of her designs was used as the wedding dress. She has even put in calls to Sarah Jessica Parker about it.”

But so far the 67-year-old’s attempts to get involved have been snubbed.

A spokesman for the designer told The Independent: “We haven’t had any news about it yet. So we don’t know what’s happening.”

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