Damian Lewis reveals ‘American persona’

Actor Damian Lewis has revealed that he has developed an ‘American persona’ for his work in the US.

The red-headed actor, who received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the 2001 TV series Band Of Brothers, has become a familiar face on US screens after starring as a detective in the NBC show Life.

“It’s got to the point where I go shopping at the weekends and stay as an American,” Lewis explained, “and then I find myself talking to an English person and that’s when I feel ridiculous.”

“But in America more often than not I wake up with an American accent.”

However Lewis admitted that he and his wife, actress Helen McCrory – with whom he has two children – weren’t too disappointed when Life was cancelled after two series.

“I think my wife was secretly relieved… actually very publicly relieved,” he said. “She’d had enough. We were both taken by surprise by the amount of time we were kept apart because of the workload.”

“I was having the life of Riley because I was working on something that I was committed to, but it was hard. Our son Gulliver was born there – so he’ll be president one day – but I didn’t see them enough.”

Lewis returns to UK screens in the BBC One drama Stolen, which will be screened on July 3 at 9pm.