Damian Lewis says he will be ordering a bottle of bubbly to celebrate his first-ever Emmy nomination.

The British actor, who received a best actor in a drama series nomination for his portrayal of PTSD sufferer Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in US series Homeland, was asleep before he heard the news from a network publicist.

“You never take awards seriously until you’re nominated. And then you take them very seriously. It’s just nice to be part of the club,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Damian, who has been busy filming the second series of Channel 4’s Homelands, said he would be out celebrating with his wife Helen over dinner, adding: “And there will be champagne.”

Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, who has been nominated for lead actress in a drama series, said she is ‘over the moon’ at the show’s amazing 16 nods.

“Sixteen nominations, it’s incredible. To be nominated alongside those amazing women, I’m honoured, really,” she said.

“Each year seems to get better. We never could have guessed how huge the show would get. It’s wonderful to play a character over three years and play out her journey. It’s all credit to Julian [Fellowes]. It all starts with the writing.”

Cat Deeley, who received a nomination for top reality host on So You Think You Can Dance, revealed it is ‘an amazing adventure’.

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would still be here or that the show would do well. But here I am, still tricking all of you,” she joked.

“It’s brilliant, just because the team who work on the show are so great. I’m so lucky to work on a show where you don’t feel like you’re going to work.”