Dannii hints she won’t return to The X Factor

Dannii Minogue has hinted she is set to turn down the chance for a return as a judge on The X Factor if Simon Cowell offers her the job.

It was reported last week that Simon is keen to get Dannii back to replace Kelly Rowland. But Dannii told Marie Claire Australia magazine she wants to remain living Down Under for the sake of 22-month-old son Ethan.

Dannii said: “The guilt of going back to work floods you. I try to take it all in my stride, but when it affects my loved ones I feel an internal struggle with the love for my work.

“Ethan has his little routine now. He has swimming lessons; he has things that are important to him. I don’t want to unsettle him to follow me around the globe.

“Fame and work have always had an impact on my family since I went into this business at seven. It’s all I know.”

The singer – who it was revealed allegedly had a fling with Simon when they previously worked together on The X Factor – recently split from Ethan’s father Kris Smith after four years together.

Opening up for the first time since she announced the split last month, single mum Dannii said: “How do I juggle everything now? Some days with ease, some days with difficulty.

“I have found that over the years, whatever happens, you have to roll with it.”