Dannii Minogue apologises for X Factor remark

The X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has apologised after making a remark about Danyl Johnson’s sexuality on Saturday’s show.

Her comments came after the 27-year-old’s performance of the Dreamgirls song And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, to make it about a woman instead of a man.

Afterwards Minogue told him, “If you’re to believe everything you read in the papers, then you didn’t need to change the gender references in the song

However she has since offered “sincere apologies to anyone who took offence” and said that the remark was meant to be humorous.

“This was an openly bisexual guy singing a song that is lyrically a ‘girls’ song'”, she said on her blog.

“Danyl and I were joking about the very same thing in rehearsals on Friday, so it carried on to the show.”

Minogue added that she had spoken to Johnson straight after the show and he had not been offended by her comments.

“I understand X Factor fans do not want the judges to get personal with judging comments,” she said. “During the course of the show all the judges become close to the contestants and this is because we adore them and care about them.”

Johnson’s mentor Simon said on Saturday he had given one of “the best performances I have ever heard in my life”.