Dannii Minogue: Simon Cowell’s not bad – just batty

Dannii Minogue has spoken out about her affair with Simon Cowell during their time together on The X Factor – saying she was hurt when the revelations of their fling came to light.

Speaking to The Sun the former show judge – who is currently filming Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model – fell out with Simon Cowell after details of the affair were revealed in Tom Bower’s book about the mogul.

However she said that the biography may not have revealed the complete truth about their relationship.

“What the hell is there to say?” she said. “Fact – or fiction? That’s all I’m saying, I don’t understand any of it. It’s his thing, his issue.”

Dannii added: “He’s been amazing and he’s taught me so much. But sometimes your friends can hurt you. I don’t think he’s bad…I just think he’s batty as anything.”

She also confessed she bore no grudges towards Simon over the revelations, saying: “I don’t have any bad feelings. People only bring you down if you let them.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Mirror, Dannii said that Simon was taking a risk by bringing Sharon Osbourne back to the X Factor judging panel.

“Either people will go, ‘We have moved on’ or go ‘Amazing’,” she suggested, adding: “I won’t be watching, I haven’t watched any of the shows since I left.

“I think Louis will have fun with Sharon,” Dannii added. “But with any of those shows around the world, watch this space – the audience decide if they like the line-up.”

Dannii was offered the chance to return to the X Factor for the 2012 series but declined, as she did not want to uproot her three-year-old son Ethan from his life in Australia.


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