Dannii Minogue triumphed with the boys’ category last year with Leon Jackson – but this year she thinks the girls are in it to win it!

What do you enjoy most about the X Factor auditions?
“I love it when we all are delirious and totally lose it. I feel sorry for the person singing, but it is like being back at school when you just can’t stop yourself! I am loving the girls’ category. With Leona’s success it has really given these vocalists a drive to win.”

Which city came up with the most talented singers this year?
“Hands down it was London – and we were not expecting that. Also, I think that may be the Leona effect!”

Do you and new judge Cheryl gang up on Simon and Louis?
“Cheryl and I are desperate to hear some new cool songs on the show. She is totally in to Urban music, so hopefully we can get a flavour of that on the show. The boys never let the contestants sing Lemar or Robin Thicke in auditions – but we would love to hear it!”

Which category would you like to mentor this year and why?
“The girls. There is so much good talent to choose from. Really interesting vocalists.”

In your view, what is The X Factor?
“I wish I could explain it – then I am sure Simon would bottle it and sell it! All I can say is, you know it when you see it.”

Do you feel the pressure is on as you won with Leon Jackson last year?
“It is my challenge for this year – and I am totally ready for it!”

What is Leon up to at the moment and when was the last time you saw him?
“I last saw Leon at the Glamour Awards. I was collecting an award, so it was cool to have him there with me. Leon is in the studio recording songs for his debut album. His fans will be blown away.”

Do you still see Andy and Rhydian?
“Team Minogue has really stuck together. I am glad we are mates after such a journey together. Rhydian is busy making his debut album and I saw Andy in Cardiff when we were there auditioning.”

Do you think that Team Minogue can win again this year?