The X Factor host Dannii Minogue will reportedly return to the show after she has her baby, but with a reduced salary.

The Daily Mirror reports that Dannii’s imminent birth means she will miss the live audition shows.

So ITV bosses are likely to offer her a reduced deal on her current £1 million.

The Mirror reports that it could be trimmed by up to £300,000.

A source told the paper: “This meeting is the first step to getting Dannii back on the show. If a solution can be worked out she will be here again at the live stages. We are very very keen for her to come back so at this stage, it doesn’t look like her pregnancy is going to present any problems we can’t work around.”

Bosses have already met Simon Cowell in Los Angeles to brainstorm how to work around Dannii missing the audition stages of The X Factor. Options considered to cover her absence would be for sister Kylie to step in or, if that fails, a group of special guest judges.