Angry X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has declared that the show is no longer ‘just about the singing’ after her act Rachel Adedeji got the boot this weekend.

The Sun reported that the Aussie singer said on the Xtra Factor: “I used to think X Factor means an amazing singer and a personality and a performer, but I’m beginning to think it’s not just about the singing with the acts that are left.”

Fellow judge Louis Walsh added: “Rachel did sing better, she was fantastic.”

Fans were complaining online last night about Simon Cowell’s decision not to save Rachel when she sang for survival – leaving the final decision to the audience’s vote.

One viewer said: “What a total cop out by Simon….he keeps on each week that it is a singing competition then confirms that it is just a TV show to him when he lets the least popular act go not the best singing act !!! Simon – what a let down.”

Another fan complained: “What a joke!! What’s the point of the sing off? It’s there to give someone a chance to stay. Tonight one person out sung another and still went out, so the sing off is pointless, right?”