Is Danny Dyer doing one? Rumours star is leaving EastEnders!

Danny Dyer is causing panic among EastEnders online fans as he seems to hint that he's leaving the soap...

Danny Dyer has provoked a bit of a stir on Twitter after seemingly hinting he might be leaving EastEnders.

Danny, who plays Mick Carter, retweeted a post made by an EastEnders fan blog which ran a speculative article with the headline MICK TO LEAVE WITH LINDA?, referencing Kellie Bright’s upcoming maternity leave.

The 39-year-old actress plays his wife Linda Carter and she has already said she won’t be leaving the show for good after welcoming her second child in November.

Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer as Linda and Mick Carter in EastEnders (Kieron McCarron/BBC)

Obviously, Danny’s fans quickly descended into panic at the post, with many assuming he was hinting he is leaving the BBC soap.

One wrote: “If Danny leaves, I’ll never watch the show again and I’m sure none of his other fans will either.”

Another added: “Omg are you leaving, when xxx.”


“Please don’t say you’re leaving,” begged another.

One fan pointed out the blog post was “just a fan theory”, and urged others to stop worrying about it.

But EastEnders viewers who adore the Carters need not worry, as the actor has already said he is staying put.

Earlier this year, when Kellie’s pregnancy was announced, 39-year-old Danny denied he would be saying goodbye to Walford during his co-star’s maternity break.


He even joked that he would have an affair with Dot Cotton in the interim. Nice.

Danny’s retweet of the fan theory blog is the latest in a line of social media shares by the actor, who is fond of shouting out to his devotees and sharing their efforts.

So, for now, it looks like Danny won’t be leaving the soap – in which he has been a beloved cast member since 2013.

However, Danny-Boy Hatchard – who plays Danny’s on-screen son Lee Carter – has revealed he will be leaving the soap after two years.

So, is Danny Dyer going to do one? Or should Dot Cotton be worried?

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