Danny Dyer quits TV presenting

Danny Dyer has admitted he is turning his back on TV presenting because he is ‘hurt’ by the criticism he attracts.

The frontman of The Real Football Factories said his presenting career had ended with the filming of his latest documentary, Danny Dyer’s Dangerous Men.

In his column for Zoo he said: “When I’m acting I can get into a role, but when I’m on TV, it’s just me with my heart on my sleeve. That gives away a little too much.”

He continued: “You need a thick skin in this game, because you’re going to get criticism. I don’t mind if my films get slagged off because it’s a part I’m playing, but when people are digging me out for who I am and the way I talk it hurts.”

Danny now plans to focus on his acting career – and will play Sid Vicious in a new play due to begin in September.

He will star opposite Shaun Evans in Kurt And Sid, which depicts an imaginary meeting between the troubled Sex Pistols bassist and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

The play will be shown at London’s Trafalgar Studios from September 9.

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