Why The Voice coach Danny O’Donoghue loves spending time with the singing legend…

It’s the last of the blind auditions this week. How competitive has it been between the coaches on the Voice?
“It has got a little sticky sometimes but it’s only because we’re trying to fight for someone we really believe in. Some of us have been throwing our toys out of the pram to get certain people on our team. I want someone from this show to go straight into the marketplace.”

So what lessons about the music business would you like to pass on to the singers in your team?
“I was taught by the likes of U2 and Paul McCartney to be nice to people. You don’t have to pay to be nice! Make sure you shake hands with everybody you meet because the small fish of today are going to be the big producers of tomorrow, who may wield a lot of clout in the future. I’m teaching my team that.”

Have you become great buddies with fellow coach Tom Jones?
“Tom Jones and I are cut from the same cloth – or should that be vodka bottle! The lads from my band The Script were desperate for me to have a drinking session with him as he’s so legendary. We’ve been out together. The two of us were under the table at one stage! We’re very matey, but as much as I might think I’m a young whippersnapper, he still gets all the attention from the ladies. No one can compete with that when Tom’s in town!”

Has your swivelling chair ever malfunctioned during the auditions?
“Thankfully, no, and I have tested it quite a few times. The BBC has spent money on this show. It’s an amazing show to be involved in – something really special.”

So what is it about The Voice that’s different from other talent shows on TV?
“With us, it’s not about the glitz, glamour and how much you’ve spent on your hoop earrings or bling. It’s not led by image first. And I love it that we see such a broad spectrum of music. In my team, there’s indie, rock, pop, folk. They don’t all look great, but they sure do have talent.”

The Voice UK continues on Saturday at 7pm on BBC1