Case Sensitive star Darren Boyd has revealed that he grabbed the chance to take on a more serious small screen role following a run of comedic parts.

The actor has previously been seen in the likes of Kiss Me Kate and the Bafta-winning Spy – but has now returned for a second series of the ITV1 thriller with a new two-part episode beginning on July 12.

“I want lots of variety. I want to have my cake and eat it too,” Darren said.

“When you become a bit known for one thing, in my case comedy, if you get a chance to do something that’s not comedy you grab it. It’s been a very conscious choice for a while to walk that line between the two.”

“I’m not a comedian and I don’t come from a comedy background so it was very much by accident that that became my primary output.”

The first series of the show proved a hit with viewers, and Darren has revealed that there are “good intentions” for more to be made later this year.

And as well as having the chance to work with Sixth Sense star Olivia Williams, who plays his boss the actor also said that the complex nature of his character DC Simon Waterhouse, was a big selling point when it came to starring in the show.

“I found him really intriguing because he’s not an alpha male,” he explained.

“He’s socially awkward, he’s got issues and I liked his restraint. On the surface not much is given away but there’s stuff going underneath and the more you explore, the more you get to show.”