Dave the Hairy Biker: ‘Si thinks I’m nuts for doing Strictly’

Dave Myers says his Hairy Baker cohort Si King thinks he’s ‘nuts’ to do Strictly Come Dancing, which kicks off this Friday with the first of the live shows.

“It’s been fun – just like being invited to the best party in the world,” motorcycling culinary expert Dave told What’s on TV. “It’s very glamorous for me. I’ve swapped bike leathers for sequins! As for fake tans, I’m open to any form of grooming!”

Dave reckons his Hairy Bikers partner Si King would have been great for the Strictly Come Dancing too, but didn’t end up doing the show. “I think he’d be brilliant at it, although he says it’s not his thing,” insisted Dave, who’s professional partner is Venezuelan Latin specialist Karen Hauer.

“Si’s actually taken 3-4 months off. We’re best friends, but we’re in a business together, so his break allowed me to do Strictly.

“Si actually thinks I’m nuts for doing Strictly, he thinks it’s really funny. Everybody’s allowed to be a car crash at dancing now and again. We’ve been mates for 20 years and we’ve always said just give things a go, so I have. We’ve had some bonkers schemes over the years, and we do egg each other on. Si desperately wanted some time off, so it suited him as well. It’s odd when you’re half of a double act to make a decision to do something without your partner. I miss him, as we’ve been doing Hairy Bikers 10 years now.”

Despite his love of food, Dave knows his exploits in Strictly will help keep off the pounds. “I managed to lose 3st over the past year and this is helping me keep it off. I love cooking, that’s what I do for a living. I couldn’t have done Strictly last year. Now stamina-wise, I’ve got no problem, the dancing ability is the problem. It would be great to get even fitter doing this.”