David Attenborough celebrates creepy creatures

Sir David Attenborough thinks reptiles and amphibians are as interesting to watch as any ‘cuddly bunny rabbit’.

His latest series, Life in Cold Blood, aims to redress the perception that cold-blooded creatures are ugly, mean and nasty to their young.

He told whatsontv.co.uk: “Many animals just leave their eggs, for example, and say goodbye to them; many other animals look after their young, and there are many reptiles that do too.”

Sir David is fascinated by cold-blooded species and believes they get a bad press: “One of the things about reptiles is that they can survive where we just don’t want to go. They can survive in the driest of deserts and we don’t intrude upon that. They are so efficient in their energy demands that a snake need only feed once every three months.”

His epic five-part series, Life in Cold Blood, premieres on Monday, February 4.

VIDEO: Click here to watch our interview with Sir David

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