David Attenborough: ‘My plants wither and die’

Sir David Attenborough has admitted he’s a terrible gardener despite his reputation as a legendary naturalist.

The broadcaster is celebrating 60 years in television with a new series on plants, filmed in London’s Kew Gardens.

But asked whether he is green-fingered, Sir David said that most of his plants died.

“Anything green is likely to wither and die under my fingers within a very short period,” he said.

Sir David’s new three-part series for Sky employs the latest in cutting edge 3D and time-lapse camera technology to show plants in new detail.

But the 86-year-old said he’d enjoyed success with only one plant, a specimen which was named after him.

“Nepenthes attenboroughii and I have a close relationship… It’s in my front room and I say good morning to it every day and ask how it’s getting on, would it like a fly or something, because they’re carnivorous, you see.

“Fortunately it’s only a little baby at the moment, so all it will take is little fruit flies.”

Kingdom Of Plants will screen on Sky 3D and Sky Atlantic from Thursday, May 31.