David Duchovny: TV’s more interesting than movies

Don’t expect X Files movie star David Duchovny to turn his back on TV star any time soon.

The star of Five’s Californication believes that TV is a more interesting field for an actor than movies these days.

“I think it’s been that way for a long time,” says the X-Files actor.

“Especially with the advent of cable channels. On cable television, you don’t have to please as many people as network television or movies do. Movies, especially now, have that. They’re made to please people from 13 to 80 – men and women. How can you do that? What kind of thing can you make that general? With television, you can really make the kind of work that used to be called independent cinema.”

David admits he felt a similar kind of pressure to make a broader style movie with his 2004 film House Of D, in which he wrote, directed and starred.

“While I was making that movie, I was feeling pressure to expand the allure, pressure to sand down what might alienate somebody,” he explains. “So what you have now is the freedom on cable television to actually do the kinds of things that true independent cinema and American and European movies did perhaps in the 1970s.”

Ironically, David was commenting while in London publicising his new movie, The X Files: I Want to Believe.