TV & Satellite talks to David Hasselhoff about a new series, Hoff the Record (Dave, Thursday, June 18), in which he plays a fictionalised version of himself in a new part scripted, part improvised comedy series…

Can you relate to your character in the series?

“Almost everything in the show has happened to me. We just blow it out of proportion and add some drama and comedy to it.”

Is it true that the episode where you agree to sing at a warlord’s birthday party was based on fact?

“Oh yes, I actually have a warlord asking me to perform right now. I have $100,000 and a Knight Rider car waiting for me in Turkey, but I’m a little afraid to go. It is unbelievable what happens to me on a daily basis.”

How much input have you had in the whole process?

“I had about 99 per cent input into the making of the show. We would do workshops, hammer out ideas, then come up with a scene and the writers would write it.”


There was a lot of material to work with so was nothing off limits?

“Only anything that was disrespectful to me or my children or to the people I love, but it never came up. The guys who make the show are gentlemen.”

Is there anything you would change about your roller-coaster career?

“Journalists would print what would sell magazines and newspapers and not necessarily the truth. When it affects me, it’s OK, but when it affects my children, then that I would love to edit out.”

How did you get your nickname?

“The Hoff was created 12 years ago by the Sydney Telegraph. They sent me these jokes they had made up, like Desperate Hoffwives and Some Like it Hoff, all of which I thought were pretty funny. So from then on I was The Hoff.”

We understand you have your fair share of male fans who grew up watching you play Michael Knight in Knight Rider?

“They follow me around supermarkets, saying, ‘I love you man. I gotta tell you my Knight Rider story.’ I could write a book about them.”

If you don’t get round to doing that then maybe they could feature in a future episode of Hoff the Record?

“We have so many ideas. For one episode, I want to take the whole entourage to India and do Bombaywatch.’”