David Hasselhoff says his new musical Last Night a DJ Saved My Life has its roots in the birth of Ibiza, but the story of a troubled father-daughter relationship parallels a ‘lot of my life’.

In Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, David plays a DJ, Ross, who was big in Ibiza in the 1980s, but his career is on the slide just as his relationship with party-loving daughter has also hit the skids.

David told What’s on TV: “I wanted it to not be just a shallow romp through 80s and 90s music which is, in its way, the show and a lot of fun, but I wanted at least to send the audience away with a little bit of message. And the message I wanted was how does a man and how do you become a parent and how do you deal with your children growing up when you went out… and they’re going to go out and party like you did.”

The Hoff says he has a great relationship with daughters Taylor and Hayley now, but it wasn’t always the case.

“When I found out they were kind of following a little bit the wrong road, I said to them, ‘You know look I can only tell you the truth… The truth is do what you want, have fun, here’s the consequences. We get along great because they tell me the truth.”

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is on tour throughout the UK for 13 weeks after the world premiere in Blackpool on October 16. Find out where to buy tickets here.

The cast includes Kim Tiddy (The Bill) as David Hasselhoff’s girlfriend and Shane Richie Jr as a holiday rep who dates his daughter. The music features songs by Madonna, Take That, Snap, Chaka Khan, Salt ‘N Pepa and S’Express.