David Jason reveals what annoys him about modern comedy

The Only Fools and Horses legend has shared his thoughts...

David Jason has explained why he thinks that comedy has been “spoiled” by producers.

The former Del Boy star spoke to The Daily Star about his biggest pet peeve when it comes to modern comedy.

David criticised trailers and promos for spoiling the “best bits” in an effort to boost ratings.

He said, “You cannot watch the television without them spoiling the story about what’s coming up, it annoys me intensely.

“The problem with today’s values is that the people who promote the shows would reveal that in the trailers, what’s coming up next week.”

He added, “You lose that wonderful explosion of laughter when it comes all at once as a surprise.”

David reflected on his time filming Only Fools and Horses, which was created by writer John Sullivan.

Only Fools and Horses legends Nicholas Lyndhurst, David Jason and Buster Merryfield. (Credit: Getty Images)

The comedy series has gone down in history, with many memorable moments such as the chandelier smash and the Batman and Robin alley scene.

Interestingly, a lot of the big comedy moments were kept secret from the cast.

He explained, “John held that back so none of us knew what was going to happen until that last moment.

“He held that until the last minute and it was a wonderful relief, a realisation and a big laugh.”

David added, “Nothing would surprise me that John could twist in his mind and put on paper, he could make it happen.

“The stories that he invented for us to portray some of them were just so bizarre, there were so many, but it’s all about the journey that he takes us on.”

Only Fools and Horses has nine seasons with a total of 64 episodes. It ran, on and off, from 1981 to 2003. It also led to two spin off shows, The Green Green Grass and Rock & Chips.

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