David Jason: Slapstick in new role won me over

Sir David Jason has revealed that he was attracted to his role in the new sitcom The Royal Bodyguard due to the script’s “old-fashioned” slapstick.

The Only Fools And Horses star plays a bumbling captain who, through a series of misunderstandings, finds himself promoted to the role of bodyguard to the Queen – only for the inevitable chaos to ensue.

“I get thrown into mud, pulled into tanks of water. I had to swing on pipes, jump down a chimney, I get covered in soot, mud, water, and even wrapped in cellophane,” Sir David said.

“A few comedies have been offered to me which I didn’t think quite worked, and then along came this script, and I just thought it was funny. I didn’t think anything of it other than the fact it was fun,” he explains.

The 71-year-old added that the show – which begins on Boxing Day on BBC1 – was full of the kind of family-friendly humour which he maintains is missing from current TV shows.

“The humour is quite visual, and we tried to make it so no one would be worried about sitting there with their kids or grandmas,” he said.

“It could be described as old-fashioned, but we all love watching Laurel And Hardy, Morecambe And Wise and Tommy Cooper.”