David Mitchell: ‘TV comedy now harder to make’

David Mitchell has claimed making TV comedy shows is harder these days as producers are more wary of offending viewers.

The 34-year-old star of That Mitchell And Webb Look and Peep Show with comedy partner Robert Webb, said in light of recent events, including Sachsgate – when Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand’s rude prank phone call to Andrew Sachs sparked complaints to watchdog Ofcom – comedians are feeling the pressure.

David told The Sun: “TV is harder to make at the moment and it feels like there is a lot of pressure from upstairs, I hope it blows over.”

He added: “It’s harder to swear now. It gets scrutinised.

“It’s an awkward area because, however rude the F-word is, it has not been made ruder because of a phone call to Andrew Sachs. That is literally scientifically impossible.

“On the other hand, if you’re writing a line and you think it’s not funny unless you swear, then it’s probably not funny enough in the first place.

“There are millions of people for whom the F-word is really offensive, and I don’t agree with them – I think it’s nonsense. But I do think their offence is sincere. My parents used to be like that but I’ve beaten it out of them.”

Robert, 36, joked: “Yeah, you told them to get a f***ing grip.”

That Mitchell and Webb Look is on at 9.30pm on Monday on BBC Two.

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