Things are about to get a lot worse for one of Corrie's most famous residents...

Coronation Street fans have been continually shocked as David Platt’s harrowing rape storyline has unfolded – but things are about to get even worse for the character.

After struggling to deal with the impact of the sexual abuse, David has alienated those around him with his erratic behaviour, which culminated in David brutally attacking Gary Windass in the boxing ring.

But now, according to reports from the Daily Star, the latest twist in David’s storyline will see him facing a prison sentence after missing a court hearing.

According to the publication, David is due to appear in court regarding the attack on Gary, but he completely forgets to attend. He’s then shocked to receive a warrant for his arrest.

A Corrie insider said: ‘David’s head is all over the place and he completely forgets he is due in court.

‘He could be inside for months, which is going to be heartbreaking to watch given everything he is going through.’

With everything that’s been going on with David anyway, we’re sure this is the last thing he needs…

Speaking about his storyline recently, actor Jack hinted that some help might actually come from an unlikely ally – Gary Windass.

‘David can recover from what’s happened, but only if he talks to someone,’ Jack explained.

‘He can’t move on until he opens up and talks, but at the moment he can’t. So it will be interesting to see how it develops and what, if anything, will make him talk to someone.’

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm.