Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd reveals: ‘David is in hospital to kill…’

David Platt's quest for revenge puts his own life in danger and risks leaving his kids orphans, says Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd…

David Platt may be making out to his family that he’s coming to terms with Kylie’s murder, but if anything his desire to avenge her tragic death is greater than ever, Corrie star Jack P Shephered tells Soaplife.

Why does David go after Clayton’s brother, Macca?
“Kylie’s killer Clayton is in prison awaiting trial so David can’t get to him to carry out his revenge plot – the only thing he can do is get to Macca and make him suffer in return for losing Kylie.”

What makes David storm over to the Dog & Gun pub?
“David discovers via social media that Macca is there, but before David can get to him, he runs into even more trouble…”

What kind of trouble?
“As David is peering through the window, there is a dark shadow behind him. He turns and next thing he knows he is pinned up against a wall by this menacing character who wants to cause him harm.”

Does he fight back when he is attacked?
“He’s so hell bent on getting to Macca that he is not bothered about getting a few punches. His priority is his plan of revenge.”

He must be delighted to later learn that Macca has sustained a serious head injury!
“David laughs when the police inform him of this which, in turn, makes him look very guilty. When the cops then ask him about his own injuries, he tells them he fell over a dog!”

What happens next?
“Macca is in a critical condition in hospital and David goes to ‘visit’ him. He tells staff he’s come to see his cousin, but it’s clear he is up to something sinister. He waits all day for Macca to come out of theatre… David is there to kill.”

Does he have no thoughts about how his actions may affect Max and Lily?
“David believes that once he has killed Macca and he is dead himself, his children will be looked after by Gail and Nick and therefore they’ll be all right. He feels he must do this to avenge Kylie’s death – as he promised as she lay dying in his arms.”

What will it take to snap David out of this road to revenge?
“Nothing will. Kylie meant everything to him and this is now his goal. When David gets an idea in his head, he will not stop at anything until he has accomplished whatever he needs to or until the point where he is physically unable to do any more – for example, dead!”


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