David Platt could MURDER Josh, reveals Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd

The final showdown! What will David Platt do to his rapist?

David Platt could murder his rapist Josh after bundling him into a car, Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has revealed.

Next week Billy pays David a visit to tell him that he’s chucked Josh out of his plat, but in the process David learns that Bethany knew about the hospital visits, and storms off to the salon.

And, before long Josh arrives, reveals Jack, who plays David in Corrie.

“‘Josh walks in as cool as a cucumber,” he says. ‘I think he wants to make amends. David doesn’t take it very well, and their conversation turns into an argument and ends with David putting Josh in a car and driving him off somewhere.”

But what is David planning to do to Josh? Jack teases David could even have murder on his mind…

“It could be him turning Josh into the police, or killing him, or getting someone to beat him up. I don’t think he’ll get closure by Josh just apologising… or maybe he will.”

In the past Josh has always had the upperhand in their confrontations, but this time David is in charge and there’s no telling what he’ll do… all we know is that he’s in a good mood when he returns.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.