Scenes from Friday night's episode proved to be a difficult watch for viewers.

Friday night’s episode of Coronation Street left fans reeling, after long-time character David Platt was raped by Josh Tucker after a night out.

The hard-hitting episode saw the popular character head off for a night at the pub with Josh, who later launched his attack on him after drugging his drink, leaving him unconscious.

David was then left shocked and confused after waking up in Josh’s bed, slowly realising what has happened to him.

And while the scenes proved to be difficult viewing, many fans have actually praised the soap for addressing the issue of male rape.

Discussing how it’s a subject not often talked about, viewers commended Coronaton Street bosses for shining a light on the issue. And many suggested it may help other male rape victims to come forward.

David in Coronation Street

One viewer wrote, “Kudos to Coronation Street for showing storyline

s like the David/Josh one. It will be a difficult watch but something that can and does happen in reality. It could give victims the courage to get support and help. #Corrie”

While another agreed, commenting, “Well done @itvcorrie for bringing this storyline to our screens I hope this helps many male rape victims to come forward and have the courage to speak out and realising they are not alone #david #corrie #josh”.

A third fan said, “Fair play to Corrie for demonstrating that men are also victims of rape. Absolutely horrendous scenes to watch tonight #Corrie #coronationstreet”.

Other viewers commented on how difficult the scenes were to watch. But many agreed that it was important to highlight the difficult issue.

“Uncomfortable to watch? Yes. Reality? Yes. Spoken about enough so that victims feel safe to speak out? No. #Corrie”

And another said “So proud that Corrie has chosen to cover this. I hope male rape victims will come forward after seeing this – it’s so important to be told.”

Incidences of male rape are sadly not an uncommon occurence, according to Survivors UK, an estimated 12,000 men are raped in the UK every year.

If you have been a victim of male rape of sexual assault, help and support is available.

You can contact Rape Crisis on 0808 802 9999, or visit their website here for more information.

Coronation Street continues on Monday 19th March, ITV, at 7.30pm.