David Schwimmer: ‘I’m ready to start acting again’

Former Friends star David Schwimmer says he wants to get back into acting as well as directing.

“I miss doing it,” David said at the premiere of his new film Trust.

The actor-turned-director said his filmmaking in recent years has forced him to step out of the limelight for a while.

“Directing is just a much bigger time commitment so it kind of takes me out of the acting game for a bit, but I’m ready, I love acting,” he insisted.

“I hope to do both.”

The 44-year-old tackles the weighty subject of internet grooming in his latest film which stars Clive Owen and Catherine Keener as parents whose daughter is groomed online.

The subject matter couldn’t be more different to his 2007 directorial debut Run Fatboy Run, but tackles issues David is incredibly active in raising awareness about.

“This film is really about parenting in the age of technology because parents can’t keep up. Now that every phone is a computer I think parents are genuinely concerned,” David said.

As a director of the Rape Treatment Centre in Santa Monica, the star insists he wanted to do the subject justice.

“It’s a great responsibility when you’re trying to make a movie about this subject matter. I do feel an enormous responsibility to get it right and I can only hope we did,” he said.

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