David Tennant reveals he’s ‘haunted’ by doubt and insecurity

He’s one of the most popular actors in the UK inudstry, but David Tennant admits he’s plagued by self-doubt.

The former star of Doctor Who and ITV’s hit crime drama Broadchurch is about to return to our screens in BBC1 legal thriller The Escape Artist (Tuesday), but told the Radio Times: “No review is ever good enough, while the bad ones are like tolling bells drawing you to the workhouse. I’m haunted by the notion that it might all end so I try to generate employment.”

The Scottish actor, who has won rave reviews for his current stage role as Richard II, said: “It must be some deep insecurity that makes me try to better myself to prove I’m not so pathetic as I imagine at four in the morning.

“I stare at the ceiling and wonder, ‘Why did I think I could do this?’ I have very little to complain about, but my career is down to luck as much as anything.

“The industry is brutal. I have brilliant friends who are unemployed and others who work all the time who you wonder why they’ve been given another job. I’m sure some people think that about me. There is no justice.”

David said he could not guarantee his place in the Broadchurch sequel despite the success of the first instalment because the writers could decide not to bring back his character, but that he would sign up if ‘the phone call comes’ .

The actor said he knew Peter Capaldi had signed up to replace Matt Smith on Doctor Who before it was publicly announced and that he was tempted to bet on it – ‘but then I thought it would be traced back’.

He also told the magazine that he would ‘like to be much ruder to people who put their elbow in your face on the Tube, or don’t look where they’re going’, but he was ‘crippled by the notion people will think ill of me’.


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