David to say farewell to Frost?

Sir David Jason has revealed he’s ready to quit TV drama A Touch Of Frost after 15 years.

The 67-year-old, who has a new role as jailbird Des Parker in ITV1 three-parter Diamond Geezer, said it might be time to say goodbye to his character, grumpy detective inspector Jack Frost.

Asked if it meant the end for Frost, the actor replied: “That’s a difficult question. Can I play a policeman one week and a villain the next? Will the audience believe me? I only have so much time in a year to work as well.

“I’m always reluctant to leave a character, especially ones that have given me so much pleasure, and Frost definitely has. I had the same feeling with Pa Larkin and Derek Trotter, it’s hard to let go. I hope this new character Des can fill the gap for me.”

He said: “It depends if I can be persuaded to do another one. I would say the offer of a helicopter would go a long way.”

Diamond Geezer is Sir David’s latest project for ITV.

He previously had a long association with the BBC, with classic roles including Del Boy in Only Fools And Horses and Granville in Open All Hours.

But there is clearly no love lost between the actor and his former bosses.

Asked if he had ever been the victim of a con, Sir David replied: “Apart from the BBC, you mean? Oops, hush my mouth.”