Comedian David Walliams has revealed his perfect project would be something like The Office.

The Little Britain star, who has just written his first novel, told The Times that ‘something like The Office is pretty much perfect’.

The 37-year-old added: “It would be very rewarding to make a show like that. Though I’m not sure that actually we’d be able to do it, because our style is more low-brow.”

David is currently making his stage debut in a production of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land at the Gate Theatre in Dublin, alongside Michael Gambon.

Speaking about his future career, he told the newspaper: “I want to learn. You know Michael Gambon’s 67, I’m 37. He’s playing the lead in this, and he’s in the Harry Potter films, and I would like to be in that position when I’m 67.

“I’ve got to learn very publicly, which is the hard thing.”

The actor also admitted he found touring quite lonely. You get all this praise from 12,000 people and then you go back to your hotel room on your own and sit there and watch Newsnight.’