David Walliams has resigned himself to appearing on Strictly Come Dancing – one day.

The comic star, 40, is friends with current Strictly contestant Holly Valance, so has been following the latest series, and will be taking his mum – who is a huge fan of the BBC One show – to one of the live performances.

“I’ve never been asked to do Strictly but it comes to us all in the end,” he said.

“It’s a really fun show and even people who aren’t any good at it, like Ann Widdecombe, turn a complete lack of skill into a triumph, because the public respect people trying.

“I know I’d be terrible at it, but whether it would endear me to the public, I don’t know.”

In his latest children’s novel, Gangsta Granny, 11-year-old boy Ben is dumped every Friday night with his granny, while his mother pursues her love of Strictly Stars Dancing – an obvious take on Strictly Come Dancing.

Ben discovers his granny is a jewel thief, after years of thinking she was just a boring old person.

David, who is married to model Lara Stone, said: “As a child you can get into the thinking that old people are boring, forgetting that they’ve probably lived amazing lives.”