Dawn French has apparently confessed both she and husband Lenny Henry have enjoyed ‘much naughtiness’ with other people during their 25-year marriage.

The 50-year-old comic actress made the revelation in her new autobiography, Dear Fatty, in a special chapter addressed to Lenny, according to The Daily Express.

Dawn writes: “Ironically, I think you and I have always shared a kind of unspoken misbehaviour gauge below which much naughtiness is excusable and fairly harmless.

“We work apart, we meet interesting, attractive people and they are interested in and attracted to us. Some stuff’s gonna happen and mostly, so long as no one is hurt or embarrassed, it’s unimportant and ignorable. I genuinely believe that. We are, none of us, robots or perfect people. We are flawed and weak and tempted. Often.”

Dawn writes 50-year-old Lenny made ‘grave errors of judgment’, but recalls how they talked through ‘every single incident, harmless or otherwise’ during their marriage and says ‘our natural instinct was to pull tighter, hold each other, unite, hold hands and walk through the storm together.

“We needed to remind each other what was worth fighting for and, my darling, you really are worth fighting for.”