Dawn to take this crazy step in Emmerdale after Ryan’s wise words backfire?

Is Dawn about to do something she'll seriously regret in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale tonight will see emotional scenes between ex prostitute Dawn and Ryan – but Ryan’s wise words could lead to Dawn taking drastic action to get her son back.

Dawn, who’s trying hard to get her life back on track, is stunned when she hears that social services have started the process to have her son adopted.

“Dawn is totally floored,” reveals Olivia Bromley, who plays her. “There is so much shame and pain attached to the fact that she lost Lucas, so to get her hopes up and then hear he’s being adopted is absolutely devastating.”

Emmerdale star James Moore, who plays Ryan Stocks

Ryan gives Dawn some advice, but is she about to take it the wrong way?

After clashing with Harriet desperate Dawn turns to Ryan (James Moore), who tells her that she must fight for what she wants. Harriet is pleased to have a shoulder to cry on and is warmed by the words of encouragement.

“Dawn takes his words as a sign to fight for Lucas,” says Olivia. “But she hasn’t been particularly open about what happened with her and her son.”

Dawn has renewed determination to get her little boy back. But, is Dawn about to go too far? It seems Dawn is prepared to go to any lengths to get her boy back. Is she about to kidnap her son?

Also tonight in Emmerdale Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) King continue to have marriage problems. But things are about to take a devastating turn – Jimmy’s phone rings and he blanks it, thinking it’s Nicola. However, it’s actually the school and Elliot has gone missing!

Luckily, the lad is found quickly. Will this give Nicola and Jimmy the kick up the backside they need to get things back on track?

Also, Maya (Louisa Clein) is furious when she sees Jacob and Liv are getting closer…

Emmerdale continues on ITV tonight at 7pm.