DEADLY shock twist ahead for EastEnders favourite THIS week

There's drama on the cards for EastEnders' Bobby Beale this week...

This week’s EastEnders is huge for Bobby Beale as he continues to be haunted by his dead sister, Lucy Beale.

Fans have seen Bobby struggling to settle back into life in Albert Square ever since he was released from prison earlier this year, and things are only set to get worse for the teenager this week.

With his relationship with dad Ian already at rock bottom, his family are at a loss over how to support Bobby as he gets his head around the fact he is now back living in the very same house in which he killed his own sister.

EastEnders Bobby Beale

Bobby has struggled ever since returning to Walford (Picture: BBC)

But as Ian and Kathy fight between themselves over who is to blame for Bobby’s problems, they’re both oblivious to the fact he is constantly seeing Lucy everywhere he turns in the house, as well as hearing her voice taunting him at his ear move.

This seemed to be looking up for Bobby when Max asked him to come and live across the Square at the Brannings house.

But just when Bobby thought he was finally going to escape his visions of his sister, tonight’s EastEnders sees Jack discover that Max has asked Bobby to stay and he refuses to let it happen.

EastEnders Ian and Kathy argue in Eastenders

Kathy and Ian blame each other for Bobby’s breakdown (Picture: BBC)

As Jack and Max fight about Bobby being in the house, Jack is adamant that he won’t have a killer around his kids. But before Max can break the news to Bobby gently, he realises the teenager has overheard the whole thing.

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As Bobby races home, Max is wracked with guilt. However, things only get worse for Bobby when Kathy realises something isn’t right with her grandson and she tries to help… only to make things a million times worse, causing Bobby to storm out.

Tomorrow’s EastEnders sees Bobby sleeping in a park, but once again when he heads home he is confronted by Rainie.

EastEnders Max and Bobby Beale talk

Max has been a surprising ally for Bobby as he struggles with Lucy’s death (Picture: BBC)

Despite Rainie trying to help him, she is oblivious to the fact he is being hounded by Lucy’s voice and eventually Bobby takes matters into his own hands.

As he fights to confront his past as the week continues, Bobby struggles to come to terms with what happened to Lucy and it all gets too much for the teenager, leading him into serious danger.

But with his life at risk thanks to Lucy’s haunting voice, will someone be able to save him from the danger he is in before it’s too late?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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