Death in Paradise – everything we know about the new series including Jack’s final episode!

It's the end of an era this Thursday as Jack leaves - sob! - but why's he going?

Death in Paradise 2020 continues this Thursday at 9pm with Ardal O’Hanlon’s final ever appearance as DI Jack Mooney.

The big question, though, is what makes Jack leave the island for good? Is it to follow new love Anna (Nina Wadia) on her travels or is it something to do with the arrival of his daughter? Or does he get murdered?!

What we know for sure is that next week The Royle Family’s Ralf Little takes over leading man duties as Detective Inspector Neville Parker.

So, when is Death in Paradise 2020 on BBC1?

Death in Paradise series nine Ardal as DI Jack Mooney

DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) will leave the show during the new series

Death in Paradise series nine is being shown on Thursdays on BBC1

When does Ardal O’Hanlon depart Death in Paradise as Jack?

Ardal has revealed to us that Jack will leave in episode four of the new series, but we don’t know how!. “I can’t tell you very much about my exit storyline. I’m under strict instructions not to reveal anything! I can tell you I’ve filmed four episodes for the new series and there might be the odd flirtation for Jack,” says Ardal.

Of course, the show’s first leading man, DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) was famously murdered. Could the same fate await Jack? Or will he enjoy a happier exit like Kris Marshall’s DI Humphrey Goodman who left when he found love? Bless him!

Who is Jack’s love interest in the new series of Death in Paradise?

Nina Wadia as Anna in Death in Paradise

Nina Wadia as Anna in Death in Paradise

Jack’s new love interest is tourist Anna, who turns the head of widower Jack. Former EastEnders star Nina Wadia, who plays Anna, describes their relationship as being “clumsy and awkward”. So, perhaps Jack will leave because of Anna… he certainly seems smitten.

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So, why does Ralf Little’s character, Detective Inspector Neville Parker, come to Saint Marie?

Death in Paradise 2020 Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker

Neville is billed as a ‘fish out of water’

DI Parker is sent to Saint Marie, rather reluctantly, when a woman from his hometown of Manchester is found  dead in episode five. However Ralf seems much happier about having lots of time in the sun. “It took less than 0.005 seconds to say, ‘Yes’ to playing the new DI. How could I not? Ardal has been wonderful in the last few series and to follow in his footsteps in a place as idyllic as Guadeloupe was a great honour and a dream come true. It’s a joy to play Neville and I can’t wait for viewers to see him in this series of Death in Paradise.”

In what episode does Ralf Little first appear as Detective Inspector Neville Parker in series nine of Death in Paradise?

Ralf Little in Death in Paradise

Ralf Little’s Death in Paradise reign is about to begin

It’s now been confirmed that Ralf Little turns up for the first time in episode five.

Why did Ardal O’Hanlon decide to leave Death in Paradise?

“It’s time to move on and explore other opportunities – preferably nearer the Arctic Circle,” jokes Ardal. “I’ve spent four summers in Guadeloupe playing DI Jack Mooney, solving over 20 murder cases!

“It’s been a hugely rewarding experience, working with talented actors, directors and crew while discovering a magical part of the world.

“I’m confident Death in Paradise will go from strength to strength and viewers will share my enthusiasm for Jack’s successor.”

What happens in episode one of series nine of Death in Paradise?

Ade Edmondson in Death in Paradise 2020 episode one

EastEnders star Ade Edmondson guest in the first episode

Jack must crack who the killer in a devil mask is who stabs to death holidaymaker Vanessa (Amanda Hale) on New Year’s Eve. Suspects include her husband Aaron (Elliot Cowan), his assistant Tabatha (Nell Hudson), witness Charles (Ade Edmondson) and Aaron’s brother Donald (Samuel West).

What happens in episode two of the new series of Death in Paradise 2020?

Sherlock actress Louise Brealey as murder victim Donna in episode two

Sherlock actress Louise Brealey as murder victim Donna in episode two

Jack and his team must attempt to figure out how artist Donna (Sherlock’s Louise Brealey) was fatally poisoned while working alone in her studio. Among the suspects is Donna’s art-dealer mate Patti (Barbara Flynn), her model boyfriend Max (Versailles’ Alexander Vlahos), gallery owner Sandrine (Vivienne Acheampong), wannabe artist Anthony (Caleb Frederick) and art buyer Terry (Matt King). Plus Jack goes on his first date with Anna…

What happens in episode three of the new series of Death in Paradise 2020?

Jack and Anna in episode three of Death in Paradise

Jack and Anna are getting closer, but now she’s about to leave the island…

Jack faces a big decision as Anna is about to leave and he realises he doesn’t want to say goodbye to her. Could Jack be about to follow Anna on her travels? Meanwhile, Jack is investigating the strange case of a murdered cyclist. What Jack can’t work out is whether or not his death is connected to the odd contents of his safe – one pair of socks and a bottle of pills?

What happens in episode four of the new series of Death in Paradise 2020? Jack’s final ever episode!

Death in Paradise series nine Jack with his daughter Siobhan

Jack’s daughter Siobhan is back – is she the reason he leaves Saint Marie?

It’s Jack’s final case before he leaves Saint Marie and DI Neville Park (Ralf Little) takes over. So, is Jack leaving with new love Anna? Or is the arrival of his daughter why he’s heading off? Meanwhile, Jack must first crack the mysterious murder of a local pastor’s son. Among the suspects Jack must sift through are the dead man’s wife and friends.

What happens in episode five?

Following Jack’s deaprture, DI Neville Parker arrives on the island – but he doesn’t want to hang about for long! Neville is there to simply confirm that the death of a British citizen was suicide after she was found in the bath with a hairdryer. But Neville soon suspects she was murdered…

Who’s guest starring in Death in Paradise 2020?

A string of top names will appear in the new series including Ade Edmondson and Samuel West in episode one. Steve Pemberton (episode five), Nina Wadia, Louise Brealey (episode two) and Samantha Bond (episode five) are some of the other stars appearing.

Is fan favourite Don Warrington back as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson?!

Death in Paradise star Don Warrington as the Commissioner

The Commissioner will once again be making sure the team stay on track as they investigate more murders

Yes! Everyone loves the Commissioner and it will be great to see what kind of relationship he builds with Ralf Little’s cop. The Commissioner loves gently mocking his top man! Also back for the new run are Tobi Bakare as Officer JP Hooper, Shyko Amos as Officer Ruby Patterson, Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey and new series regular Aude Legastelois as DS Madeline Dumas.

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Will Danny John-Jules be in Death in Paradise 2020 as Officer Dwayne Myers?

Danny John-Jules has left Death in Paradise as Officer Dwayne Myers

Danny was much loved as Dwayne

Not that we know of. However, Dwayne hasn’t been killed off, so you never know, he could return one day to the show…

Where is Death in Paradise filmed?

Guadeloupe in the Caribbean doubles for the fictional island of Saint Marie. “Guadeloupe is magical. I’m going to miss it,” says Ardal.

Will there be a tenth series of Death in Paradise in 2021?

Yes! The BBC has already ordered series 10, which will go out in 2021.

Death in Paradise continues on Thursdays on BBC1.