Death in Paradise fans DESPERATELY concerned for this much-loved character

Harry the lizard has made quite the impression on viewers…

Death in Paradise fans were very concerned about the wellbeing of Harry the lizard in Thursday’s episode. In fact, many of them became more invested in him than the case at hand!

In the episode, DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) was trying to investigate the murder of a bride-to-be’s aunt, who was found stabbed to death in a beauty salon on the morning of the wedding.

But despite this tragic storyline, viewers demanded to know if Harry the lizard was safe, with many of them taking to Twitter when the reptile went missing.

Jack with Harry in Death in Paradise

Harry, seen here with previous cop Jack, has been in Death in Paradise since episode one!

The Death in Paradise Twitter account shared a clip of Harry being let out into the wild by DI Parker, who has an aversion to pretty much everything on the island. Including lizards, apparently!

They wrote, “Not Harry the Lizard! Surely, Neville won’t abandon him in the woods…? #DeathInParadise

Fans were having none of this, with one writing, “What the hell does Neville think he’s doing with Harry?!? Put him back right now!!! #deathinparadise”

Another added, “I’m more concerned about Harry the lizard right now. #deathinparadise

A third said, “Looking for Harry is more important than trying to solve the murder #DeathinParadise

And a fourth added, “You can’t get rid of Harry!!!!! #DeathInParadise”

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But don’t panic, Harry the lizard is safe and sound and has even found himself another lizard named Shaniqua.

The Death in Paradise Twitter shared another clip of Harry, where he was spotted climbing a tree alongside his new girlfriend. Awww.

Unfortunately for DI Parker, this means he has to share his shack with two lizards instead of one, but at least Harry is safe and back where he belongs.

We love a happy ending, don’t you?

Death In Paradise airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC1.

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