Death Walks Twice | Blu-ray release – A double bill of thrills, 1970s Italian style

From Arrow Video comes the restored, limited edition release on Blu-ray and DVD of Italian director Luciano Ercoli’s stylish 1970s thrillers Death Walks on High Heels and Death Walks at Midnight starring Nieves Navarro (aka Susan Scott).

In 1971’s Death Walks on High Heels, Navarro plays Parisian nightclub dancer Nicole, the daughter of a murdered jewel thief, who encounters a black-clad assailant with piercing blue eyes demanding to know the location of her father’s stolen diamonds. Suspecting her jealous lover Michel (Simón Andreu) is her assailant, Nicole leaves for London with her wealthy admirer, Dr Robert Matthews (Frank Wolff). But death stalks her at every turn…

In 1972’s Death Walks at Midnight, Navarro takes on the role of glamour model Valentina, who allows her photographer and on/off lover Gio (again played by Simón Andreu) to film her whilst under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. In the midst of the high she witnesses a murder, which turns out to have taken place six months earlier. When Valentina sees the murderer again, she turns amateur sleuth to solve the mystery…

The limited edition Arrow Video release (3000 copies) feature new 2K restorations of both films from the original film elements, presented on Blu-ray and standard DVD, with the original Italian and English soundtracks to choose from, and new English subtitles. A 60-page book is included along with an array of special features on each disc.

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