Denise Welch has said she is considering quitting her role on ITV1’s Loose Women, in order to focus on her acting career and personal life.

According to the Mirror the 53-year-old – who is currently starring in a touring production of Steel Magnolias – admitted she is struggling to spend time with her sons as well as her presenting and acting jobs – to say nothing of dealing with her recent split from husband Tim Healy.

“I’m touring all around the country and then have to race back to the studio,” Denise admitted. “I was already knackered trying to do them both before the tour even started and rehearsals were in London.

“Also, my boys are trying to adjust with Tim and I splitting up and I want to be there for them to keep any eye on them and make sure they are okay.”

“I feel like I keep trying to ­juggle everything and I’m ­dropping things now and then. It’s been really tough.”

Denise added she planned to take a break from the show – which she has co-hosted for ten years – in the summer before deciding whether she wanted to continue.

“I’ve said after the tour is over I’m going to take a couple of months off to spend with my boys,” she said.

“Then I’ll see what happens after that and whether I’ll go back. Who knows what might come up ­between now and then? I love acting and I want to do more of it.”