Dermot O’Leary§ reveals he’s getting personal in his new ITV1 show The Marriage Ref!

What attracted you to presenting the Marriage Ref?
“I saw the American version when I was in the States with my girlfriend (TV producer Dee Koppang) and we absolutely loved it. So when I found out it was coming to the UK I knew I wanted to be first in line to present it! It’s a Jerry Seinfeld creation and I’m a huge fan of his.”

What’s it all about?
“The Marriage Ref is a light-hearted, studio-based entertainment show with couples discussing the squabbles within their relationship. I think viewers will find it funny, and will find themselves relating to the arguments.”

What sort of squabbles can we expect to see?
“We’ve got everything, including a couple who squabbles over Bubbles the cat, as the husband thinks he comes second. There’s another husband whose wife wants him to stop acting like a teenager and ditch his skateboards. They’re not serious domestic disputes, but little disputes, which all loving couples have.”

Why do you think people will enjoy watching it?
“We can all identify with that feeling where you meet someone and fall in love. You have six months of being absolutely loved up and then, although still in love, you start to work out each other’s idiosyncrasies – that’s the beauty of relationships though!”

Each hour-long episode features a guest panel of judges, including Jonathan Ross, James Corden, Geri Halliwell, Alan Carr and Jimmy Carr. Will you try to rein them in?
“I’ll encourage the panel to keep it warm and friendly, and I will definitely try to remain impartial. I can’t promise though! We have great panellists taking part, they all bring something special. I think the best way for couples to resolve petty differences is to come on the show and let the panel and audience decide!”

What bad habits do you have that annoy your girlfriend?
“There are way too many to mention. One of my annoying habits is that Dee thinks I’m too bossy in the kitchen, but I’m working on it! She also says I never open the blinds in the morning, which is so not true!”