X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary has said that he would love to find more time to sharpen up his cooking skills.

The 37-year-old – who has opened two fish restaurants in Poole and Brighton – confessed that he has ambitions to be a chef.

“I was kind of between TV and catering,” he said. “It’s an industry I worked in at university and I want to get back into it eventually.

“Just for me though. I don’t want to be a professional chef. I would specialise with fish, as I have my fish restaurants. That’s what I enjoy cooking now.”

Dermot added that he has been inspired by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

“Jamie has done an incredible job with this country,” he said.

“When The Naked Chef first came out, what I loved about him was that with his recipes, you didn’t have to worry about a measuring jug or scales. It was just about getting your hands dirty and getting back to your butcher and suppliers, and using local produce.”

And he also revealed some of the dishes on the menu at his Fishy Fishy restaurants.

“Our chef Loz is doing an Oriental style seabass with broth and some chilli to warm it up,” he said. “I hope he does it now because if he doesn’t I’m going to be really disappointed.”