Derren Brown denies faking Apocalypse stunt

Derren Brown has hit back at claims his latest TV stunt was faked using an actor.

The illusionist and hypnotist’s latest Channel 4 show Apocalypse saw him attempt to convince a man that the world had been hit by a meteorite and taken over by zombies.

In the show, Derren described subject Steve Brosnan, 21, as someone in a ‘dead-end job’ and ‘stuck in a rut’.

But after the show screened on Friday, Steve’s Twitter account @broscaconstricta was linked to a Steve Brosnan from Buckinghamshire, who it’s now been claimed is a member of professional actors network Casting Call Pro.

As fans took to the internet to point out the link and voice their disappointment, the Twitter account name was changed several times before becoming locked.

In Apocalypse, Steve is convinced by Derren he is the only survivor of the apocalyptic disaster, before learning his family is also safe.

Derren has since tweeted: “Conspiracy theory flying around that Steven is an actor, cos he looks like a guy in a noodle ad. I NEVER EVER fake stunts with actors.

“Plus his whole family/friends would have to be actors too. And all REAL family/friends quietly killed…”

A Channel 4 spokesman told The Sun: “Steven is not and has never has been a professional actor. He was chosen purely because he fitted the characteristics needed for the show.”

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