Derren Brown has appeared to predict the National Lottery numbers live on air in a Channel 4 illusion.

The stunt was shown simultaneously on Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film 4 and 4 Music at 10.35pm on Wednesday.

The illusionist appeared in a secret London location with only him and two cameramen in the room.

Derren showed the live National Lottery coverage in the background and revealed the numbers he had previously written down.

He explained: “I should say this is the culmination of a year’s obsession over this.”

A spokesperson for the National Lottery said: “Congratulations to Derren Brown on the illusion he created (last night) on Channel 4.

“It’s impossible to affect the outcome of the draw and Derren Brown did not suggest he was able to do this.”

Derren has promised to reveal the secret that allowed him to predict all six numbers correctly in ‘How to Win The Lottery’ on Friday, September 11, on Channel 4.