Derren Brown is to predict the lottery numbers on live television, as the draw is taking place.

The illusionist will be filmed live on Channel 4 on Wednesday night from a secret location, forecasting which numbers will be drawn from the National Lottery Machine live on BBC1.

Derren, 38, will then appear in another show on Friday night where he will reveal how he was able to predict the results, The Sun reports, and is so confident he will be right it is to be aired on all Channel 4 channels including E4, Film Four and More4.

A source said: “Derren is extremely confident he has worked out how to predict those magic balls.

“Of course the thing with this is not just the excitement of him doing it – but the fact he’ll tell people how to do it.

“Magicians famously never give up their secrets and are frowned upon if they do. And the lotto bosses won’t be happy if he really has found the secret to predicting the National Lottery.”

This is the first of four stunts Derren has planned, some of which are so secret some senior C4 executives reportedly don’t know what they are.

In next week’s How To Control The Nation, the illusionist claims he will have thousands of viewers literally glued to their seats.

Derren said: “A piece of media which will be played to the viewing nation will have the effect of rendering them immobile. Not all of them, but it will basically stick a lot of people to their seats. It’s safe.”