Despite playing Elton John, Tom Hardy says he can’t hold a tune ‘to save his life’

Tom Hardy has admitted he can’t sing despite being cast as Sir Elton John in a movie.

The British actor is playing the iconic singer in a biopic entitled Rocketman, but he told the Wall Street Journal that he’s a bit worried about any performance scenes as he hasn’t been blessed with vocal skills.

Asked if he would be singing in the movie, the Locke star said: “Yeah, I hope so. Otherwise I’ll have probably failed, right?

“But that’s terrifying me. I can’t hold a tune to save my life. God knows how I’m going to do that.”

Tom, 36, went on: “But then I couldn’t cage fight before I’d gotten in with Warrior. And I still can’t. I’m not supposed to be a cage fighter. I’m only playing one.”

Sir Elton is an executive producer on the film, which is due to be filmed later this year.


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