DI Manson’s shock confession…

Will DI Neil Manson finally tell his Sun Hill colleagues the truth about his son Jake’s battle with leukaemia?

With Jake now in remission, it seems DI Neil Manson is now ready to tell his team the truth?

“Yes. The rest of the team have noticed that something is going on with Manson. After all, this is the guy who normally lives and breathes his work. But all of a sudden he didn’t seem to care. Jake’s illness has made him reassess everything in his life and take a deep breath.”

And Mason’s not the only one with a personal problem. Doesn’t DC Terry Perkins force DS Max Carter to speak to Manson about his suspected cocaine habit?

“Neil and Max do have a conversation. But there’s actually a big twist with that story. I’ll have to kill you, if I tell you! Let’s just say there are some big fireworks to come between Carter and Manson in the forseeable future, so watch out!”

What happens when uniform and CID investigate the suspected kidnapping of a wealthy Asian businessman?

“DC Grace Desari finds herself in harm’s way when she goes undercover during the case. So protective Manson reacts in a way he probably shouldn’t. There have been obvious sparks between these two for a while. I don’t want to give the whole game away, but keep watching as there are further sparks to come… and maybe even more!”

The Bill can be seen on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV1.

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