Diana Beard says she’s been ‘stitched up’ by Bake Off producers over the ‘bincident’

Great British Bake Off star Diana Beard says she’s been ‘stitched up’ after some viewers blamed her for the ‘bincident’ which saw Iain Watters storm off the show when his Baked Alaska melted.

The 31-year-old was the latest contestant to leave the baking show after his Baked Alaska dissolved on the work surface in front of him.

When judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood asked to see his masterpiece, he showed it off in the only way he could – by holding the bin up to them.

Diana said Bake Off had been edited to make it look as though she deliberately sabotaged her rival’s chances by taking the dish – ice cream baked inside meringue – out of the freezer on purpose so it would melt.

She told BBC Radio Shropshire: “I’ve been stitched up, haven’t I?”

She said: “We were 12 amateur bakers, no prize money involved. Why would I want to sabotage Iain’s Baked Alaska? I was very pleased to get through the first week – everything after that was a bonus.

“Iain does not hold me responsible at all for his failed ice cream. In fact, he rang me three days ago to warn me that the knives were out.”

Diana, who said the Baked Alaska was out of the freezer for only 40 seconds, said: “I’m disappointed with the way it’s been portrayed and so is Iain. Iain has been my biggest ally.”

Iain went online to defend Diana, saying: “Guys, no hard feelings now. Diana is a top lady and all us tent bakers are great pals. Can’t wait to tune into the rest of the series.”



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