Discovery Channel to screen Flight 370 special on Thursday

The Discovery Channel will explore the Malaysia Airlines mystery that’s perplexed the world with Flight 370: The Missing Links, a documentary screening on Thursday.

Gathering industry experts, they look to piece together how it’s possible to lose a state-of-the-art airliner in an age where apps can locate missing handheld devices.
With questions of airline security deep in the public consciousness after the plane’s disappearance on March 8, the programme analyses evidence to fill the missing links from airport security, air traffic control, on-board communications, mechanical failure and the process of tracking. Experts will be divulging potential solutions to prevent it from happening again.
The story has mystified the international community, with only a few minor discoveries providing clues. The Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed from satellite data that the flight crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. Numerous countries have joined the search, including Australia, China, USA and Britain.
The BBC reports that yesterday an Australian vessel detected signals similar to those found on a black box, leading to fresh hopes they will discover the plane’s whereabouts.

The Malaysia Airlines flight had 227 passengers, seven of whom were children.

Flight 370: The Missing Links screens on Discovery on Thursday at 8pm.