Divergent | Film review – Shailene Woodley’s plucky teen kicks against conformity in Hunger Games clone


Coming across as a wan Hunger Games clone, teen fantasy Divergent is yet another saga in which a plucky young heroine rebels against a totalitarian future society. Shailene Woodley’s teen lives in a post-apocalyptic Chicago whose citizens are divided into five colour-coded factions based on personality. She is secretly a mix of attributes, however, which makes her a threat to Kate Winslet’s ruthless leader. Although a chip off Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen, Woodley does her best to make her character seem fresh, displaying both tremulous vulnerability and gritty resolve while hurling herself off moving trains and tall buildings en route to a showdown with Winslet’s chilling villainess. So it’s a shame that the rickety plot and the film’s lack of visual flare don’t do her or Winslet justice.


Certificate 12. Runtime 134 mins. Director Neil Burger.

Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Entertainment One and available on Digital HD & VOD.


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