Peter Capaldi stars in his final festive special as the Time Lord in the BBC1 show

Peter Capaldi and David Bradley are seen face-to-face as their respective Time Lords in a newly released Doctor Who Christmas special trailer.

This year’s festive episode is teased in the clip in which the 12th Doctor and the First Doctor (played by David) come face-to-face in Peter’s last outing before he hands over the role to Jodie Whittaker.

Peter is seen kneeling outside the Tardis in an arctic scene while David yells at him: “Who is that?”

“I’m the Doctor,” replies Peter before David quips: “You may be a doctor, but I am the Doctor.”

They are also seen working out that Peter is David’s “future self” before the 12th Doctor’s assistant, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), pleads with him to “come back alive”.

At the end of the clip a narrator says “the regeneration is coming” as Peter appears to be in the first stages of transformation.

As Peter’s tenure as the Time Lord draws to a close, fans posted some emotional responses to the trailer on Twitter…

Doctor Who will broadcast on BBC1 on Christmas Day.